The Authority is running 51 bus stands in Himachal Pradesh at important places from traffic point of view, where all basic amenities for the passengers have been provided. These amenities include provisions for shops/booths for selling essentials eatables / commodities for the passengers. Out of these 51 Bus Stands 3 Bus Stands are on BOT Basis.


  • To make available essential eatables, commodities and to provide modern amenities to the traveling public so as to make traveling in public transport buses and visiting Authority Bus Stands a pleasurable experience.

  • To generate revenues for the up keep of these Bus Stands and to ensure that the commercial potential of the Bus Stands is utilized in the best possible manner to supplement the traffic revenues so that bare minimum burden is transferred to the general public by way of Bus fare.

  • To modernize the Bus Stands in such a way that these places become a commercial hub of the concerned town /city where all modern amenities are available.

  •  To ensure that proper and transparent procedures are followed in the allotment/auction of shops/boots at the bus stands.

  •  To ensure that the eatables and other items being sold at the bus stands are in good quality and are made available to the public at reasonable fixed rates and are kept in a clean/hygienic containers/atmosphere.

  •  To ensure that no harassment/hindrance is caused by the shop/booth contractor to the general public and in smooth flow of traffic.

  •  To ensure parking of the buses at the bus stands at earmarked and well lit place so that lady passengers feel safe and secure during late hours. CC TV monitoring of the passenger’s area shall be explored in a phased manner.

  • To boost the image of the State and the Authority by maintaining the beauty of the bus stands and to ensure behavior and fair dealing by the shop contractors towards the general public.

List of Operational Bus Stands in Himachal Pradesh